Framework to Promote Corporate Social Responsibility

Basic Approach

The Kikkoman Group has been actively practicing corporate social responsibility through its business operations to fulfill its role as a good corporate citizen, and realize its management philosophy and “Goals” stated in Global Vision 2020. To achieve this, we believe it is essential that each individual employee gains awareness of and practices their respective role in the workplace while understanding the principles of the Kikkoman Group. Based on this concept, the Kikkoman Group adopts a system in which a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee is established as an organization that promotes Group-wide initiatives, rather than one specific department undertaking promotion of corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

In 2005, the Kikkoman Group established the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. The committee plays a central role not only in communicating and promoting our policies and initiatives throughout the Group, but also in systematizing our activities, which the Kikkoman Group has been carrying out with stakeholders. The committee also works to continuously improve activities related to corporate social responsibility through the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) management cycle. Under this system, the committee reports to the CEO of Kikkoman Corp. and receives directives from the CEO.

The Chief Strategy Officer of Kikkoman Corp. (one of the directors or executive corporate officers) chairs the committee. When the committee was established in 2005, the committee originally comprised of members from several departments at Kikkoman Corp. In FY 2012, based on discussions from this committee, we developed the Kikkoman Corporate Citizenship Framework and announced it internally and publicly.

Framework to promote corporate social responsibility